Monday, August 5, 2013

Marathoner Monday: Katie Vickers

As most of you know, last year I had put together a team of 5 runners who collectively raised about $13,000 for Concern Foundation for cancer research and trained for the NYC Marathon.  Due to unforeseen circumstances with the arrival, destruction and devastation of Hurricane Sandy, including an estimated 776,000 people displaced from their homes and over 6 Million people left without power for days, if not weeks, the NYC Marathon was cancelled for the first time in 42 years.  They weren’t joking when they said, “Mother Nature is a B****.”

ING NYC Marathon Expo when I was still sure the race would go on
 On that Sunday, November 4th, 2012, our scheduled race day, I grabbed my sister-in-law, a fellow Team Concern runner and a backpack full of supplies and took to the streets of the shattered Staten Island with nearly 2,000 other trained marathoners looking for an outlet for our energy.  Our hard work to get that NYC Marathon finish line had become an afterthought, and we just wanted to help those who had been affected by the storm.  Some runners made it as far as Oakwood Beach and cleaned out houses that had been nearly demolished to save trinkets and photos, while some of us organized an evacuation shelter and offered emotional support to those who were in temporary shelter.  While the circumstances were so unfortunate, it was one of those days in my life where I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be in that moment:  representing Concern Foundation, not necessarily for cancer research, but to show that in times of grief, all humanitarian support is just as important as the next and no matter what our chosen cause is to lend relief, sometimes certain philanthropy needs our hands and our hearts more than others.  2012 was not my year to run the NYC Marathon, but I will never forget that day for the rest of my life.

A family I met at a Staten Island Shelter who had been trapped on their roof for 9 hours until Hurricane Sandy Passed
That being said, 2013 is a different story.  This year, Concern Foundation is back as an Official Charity of the NYC Marathon and we have 12 runners with the hope of collectively raising $50,000 for cancer research.  In 2012 my fundraising efforts were in honor of my dear friend Alexandra, who at this time last year was battling an aggressive secondary kind of cancer and being treated by the best oncologists in the country out of MD Anderson.  To re-read her story, click here:

This year I am running and fundraising in her honor again, because for the first time in 7-years, just this past May, Alexandra was told she is CANCER FREE.  I can’t say that without getting completely choked up.  Treatment and cures don’t come without groundbreaking efforts at the root of the problem.  Alexandra’s news of being cancer free is a huge moment of pride for the cancer research community, to know that at some point, somewhere, a young, innovative cancer researcher like those of which are funded by organizations like Concern Foundation, was given the chance to explore an idea and now there are cancer survivors because of it.  Alexandra’s life depended on the research and support of organizations like ours.  
The day I met Alexandra in 2010
So I’m asking you today to support Concern Foundation for cancer research, our team of runners who are representing this organization in New York City by running their hearts out, and me, because I wholeheartedly believe in this organization and the mission we are funding to conquer cancer.  I believe in more research, for more survivors like Alexandra.  
Alexandra and I just a few weeks ago at a fundraiser for Walk With Sally
No amount is too small of a donation, as every penny counts in the quest to find a cure.  In addition to making a contribution, if you could forward this on to those friends and family of yours that you think would appreciate this story, or be willing to help, I would be so grateful. Thank you for your support! 

To donate, Click HERE


  1. miss katie, you are an inspiration to us all! thank you for all your efforts and endless love!! i can't wait to race with you in NY! #goteam

    1. brooke! you are so darling and I am SO PROUD OF YOU. I can't wait to run this with you! let's go!! #goteam