Monday, September 23, 2013

Marathoner Monday: The Infamous Andrew Jevin

Oops....I did it again. Yep I agreed to run another marathon. But this time its going to be a little closer to home.

YEP NYC HERE I COME!!! I am running the NYC MARATHON, once again for the Concern Foundation. I proudly finished the LA MARATHON in 2012 for the Concern Foundation. I raised almost $4,500.00 for cancer research.

This year so far has been the hardest year of my life. I lost my best friend, my dad in January. So I am running for him this year. I remember after signing up for the my first marathon my dad asked "what the hell was I thinking?" But my Dad was my biggest supporter, not only in his generous donation but in his motivational talks he would give me when I told him I didnt think I could do it. On the day of the marathon he tracked my progress and Ill never forget the text he sent me 2 seconds after I crossed the finish line. In all caps ANDREW WAY TO GO! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

So, this year I have my fears but I need to run this marathon - for all the people who have lost their lives due to cancer, have loved ones who have lost their lives due to cancer and for my Dad - whom I know will be watching me and cheering me on.
So every dollar counts. even if it is just $10! I would be eternally grateful!

and what better place to run it in but my favorite city in the world - NEW YORK!

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